Cooking Video Contest | Feb 2012

Welcome to the February 2012 Cooking Video Contest from StoveTop Hero

Hey, it’s Mike from Stove Top and you’ll notice I’m without my business partner Cam.  He’s on a business trip so I’m flying solo today.  That’s alright, I’ll make him do next month’s.  I’m really, really happy.  The past three days we’ve had over two thousand visitors from places like India, Iraq, Australia, U.K., South Africa viewing our cooking video contest. It’s been fun getting a lot of exposure out there and of those two thousand people that checked the site out, four hundred fifty of them voted on our chefs so that was pretty neat. Really excited about the exposure.

So, anyway, the winner of Stove Top Hero January 2012 is Julie’s Mardi Gras pasta.  Now, what’s neat about Julie is I ended up watching the race every day.  I was watching her be way behind and slowly and incrementally work her way to the top.  She’s not a gal who has ten thousand followers on You Tube or anything like that.  She’s fairly new at this, just had a great personality, did a great dish and had some great friends that voted for her, so that was really neat to watch that happen.

Second shout out is to Alia, really, really talented person.  You ought to check out her website and her channel ‘Cooking with Alia‘.  She’s extremely talented and a lot of fun and she did a great job.

And lastly was Stinging Nettles which was interesting.  A bizarre recipe but got a lot of attention and a neat guy put that out.  And also check out his channel.

All of our chefs, really, beyond what they put on Stove Top, you ought to dig a little deeper.  They’re all interesting people and all have a story to tell and characters, some of them.

So, enough of that. I am excited about this month’s cooking video contest because it’s February, and what happens in February?  It’s Valentine’s Day, happens in February, and so we’re thinking that we should have some kind of a Valentine theme.  Nothing too strict, just tie it into a Valentine theme one way or the other.  Either you’re making a dish for your sweetheart or perhaps you’re making a recipe that’s sweet for your heart meaning healthy.  We’re getting a lot of healthy fans so perhaps that’s the angle that you want to go.  Either way, that’s fine.

Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter.  We promise not to push it out too much, too much garbage. We won’t fill up your inbox with a bunch of needless, endless, mindless stuff.  It will all be interesting and infrequent.  So do that for us, we’d appreciate it a lot.  I’m sitting here just roasting the first of February in Florida.  The only thing I love more than cooking is being outside so it’s good to be outside.

So, get your video cameras ready and show us what’s cooking in your kitchen.