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Mike and Cam love to cook. One night they got this goofy idea to film themselves making their favorite dishes. With their wives on the camera and wine in hand they filmed themselves making a wide array of dishes like stuffed flank steak, chicken chorizo tacos and skirt steak burritos. Realizing that their wives and friends were much more attractive, Mike and Cam decided to start filing others making thier favorite dishes like Jamie’s homemade meatballs and John’s Italian sausage and peppers. This weekend past time grew into a full-blown cooking contest with cash prizes, a t-shirt giveaway and a fun website that let’s anyone upload a video of themselves showing off their mad cooking skills.

The idea of StoveTop Hero was borne out of the notion that millions of people not only love to cook, but they have this desire to show the world just how good they are with a skillet and a flame. Iron Chef, Hell’s Kitchen and Food Network stars gotta start somewhere and this is it. American Idle for amatuer cooks and chefs – that’s the premise behind StoveTop Hero.

If you are going to have a cool cooking show, you have to have a cool t-shirt, right? We wanted a logo that had a roll and rock image. We wanted something that people would find cool and would want to share with their friends. The StoveTop Hero t-shirts are here and they are cool. This is not your Dad’s Beefy T. These are 100% cotton, fitted and soft t-shirts that you will love. If you don’t love them – send’em back. We will give you your money back and sell them to someone else.

Cam and Mike

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